Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Visit to the Aquarium

If you ever have to get a loan, consider SoFi!  Given that we were runners up in their recent contest and won $10,000 from them, we obviously think they're great:).  But they also have periodic activities for families who have accounts with them.  A recent activity was a free night at the new aquarium in Sandy (about 20 minutes from our house).  It's a fantastic facility that we had not yet had the chance to visit.  Sophi, Lexi, Conner, Cali, Jesi, Xander and Graci were all able to come with Christi and me. My dad happened to be in town that night and came along as well.  

They have so many great exhibits.  The kids loved it and so did the adults.  I wish I had taken more pictures, but we have a few.  Once again, Thank you, SoFi!

Sophi and Lexi were brave enough to touch the snake.  Cali, on the other hand, is absolutely terrified of them and wouldn't even come near the thing:).

Sophi loved the hands on exhibits.  She touched starfish and stingrays.  So cool!