Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Dear Christianne:

Fifteen years ago we went with butterflies in our tummies to the temple in Manti, Utah.  Fifteen years ago we looked into each other's eyes and covenanted to each other that we would spend eternity together.  That we would do all we could to help each other along the way.  That we would be loyal and true to each other and to our marriage.

Christi, you have done all that and so much more.  I am so grateful for your patience with and endurance of me.  You have had to deal with so many of my rough edges.  Some have been worn smooth.  Some still remain pretty bumpy!  But still you stand by me and with me.

I am moved to tears as I think about the hopes and dreams we had that day.  (I think I actually wanted to be President of the United States back then, HAH!)  But the hopes and dreams we had for us, for our family.  How differently our family has unfolded than we could have ever hoped for.  And yet, with regard to the most important things, how close to our dream our family has become.

We have nine wonderful children who love the Lord and strive to live as He would have them live.  We love each other more now than we ever have.  We live in a beautiful place in a beautiful home (and in about 10 days will be moving into an unbelievable home!)  

So Christi, thank you.  Thank you for giving your all to me and to our children and to the Lord.  Thank you for enduring the hard times and enjoying the good times.  I love you.  Here's to 45 (or so) more years together here and forever in the eternities.

I love you!



So for the record, I am completely cognizant of the date of our anniversary.  The mistake on my end is that I woke up on Saturday thinking it was the 11th.  But can you really blame me for being a tad bit mixed up?  I mean, really.  With all that has been going on around here, I think it's actually impressive I knew what month it was!

Anyway, Happy Anniversary for real today, honey.  I love you!


PS.  The kids were very sweet today.  They let us take a nice nap after church.  Parker made us smoothies.  And Sophi gave me a Dove chocolate and said I could have it for my "avinursery."
Such good kids!