Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Elli!

Yes, we have another August birthday! Elizabeth Mei turned four years old yesterday!!! We are planning to celebrate tomorrow and will post more about it. As I was going through our pictures to pick some for her slideshow I was overwhelmed at how far she has come since we brought her home not even a year and a half ago. Her progress has been very slow, so sometimes it's hard to see it-- but she has changed so much! Though Elli's life is completely dark (at least her vision is), she lights up our lives in a way I can't explain. She is such a blessing to our family. I feel like she is water to me-- like I have to drink and drink of her every day. I cannot get enough of her tight monkey hugs and screeches of joy when I come into the room. She is a miracle. I will not hide the fact that it can be very hard to deal with her blindness and severe delays. I would give the world just to have a conversation with her. But in spite of that, or maybe because of it, my love for her runs so deep. I teach her cute little class at church-- 12 little "Sunbeams" that are each so special and unique. I love them all, but I truly do look around at each of them and then see my Elli sitting in the corner, babbling or singing at the top of her lungs or jumping in her chair or screaming and I truly think, "How in the world did I get her?" How am I so blessed to call her mine? She is truly my favorite little thing on the planet. Happy Birthday, angel Elli! Your mommy loves you.

P.S. I loved the daisies on the slideshow, but if they get obnoxious, you can click on "view all images" to see the pics without the daisies.