Tuesday, November 11, 2008



This was Graci's first Halloween and she loved it. I guess when you're a kid and every house wants to give you candy, what's not to love? The weather was GREAT this year! In 2007 we were all freezing, but this year, the kids actually got too hot in their costumes. Dad was very grateful:) Here are some pics from Halloween night as well as from a party we went to a couple of nights before. Elli was a pumpkin both nights. Taylor was a "dragon ninja" (his description) both nights. Graci was "Wednesday" from the Adams family at the party and a witch on Halloween night. (Her "Stitch" costume from Lilo and Stitch didn't show up in time. Major disappointment!) With all the frilly girl stuff to choose from, Jesi wanted to be "Batman Girl" for the party (hence the music). She was not Batgirl, and she would get quite frustrated if people called her that. "I not Batgirl! I Batman Girl!" And don't forget it!!! She was a kitty for Halloween. Parker was a ninja for the party and Spiderman with the black suit for Halloween.

This morning, Jesi came in and cuddled between Christi and me before we got up. When I rolled over and gave her a hug, she said: "Your breath is stinky! If you will brush your teeth then the air that comes out of your mouth won't stink!" Thanks, Jess, I'll make a note of that:)

Elli is really growing up. It's the cutest thing to watch her when the school bus pulls up. She gets so excited she literally shakes as she walks towards it. She has a new bus driver with a new assistant, both of whom are very sweet with Elli. Jesi and Elli were both off track for the past three weeks, and it's been nice for Christi to have them back in school. Elli is only gone 3 hours a day, monday-thursday, but it really gives Christi a break and a chance to get caught up on things.

Taylor is really enjoying Cub Scouts. He's earned his Wolf badge and 5 arrows and is now working towards his Bear. Parker turns 8 on Saturday and can hardly wait until he becomes a Cub Scout. It's pretty cute. The two boys are amazing kids. They're so good with all 3 of their sisters. We are truly blessed as parents!