Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Have the Greatest Kids in the World

I know everyone thinks that, but I really do:) (No offense, world!) Saturday is the one day a week the kids can watch TV without permission. They go downstairs and veg out while Christi and I sleep in. It's great. This morning about 10:00 am, Jesi knocks on our door and says, "Can I come in?" Then I hear Parker going "Shhh! You're waking them up!" I groggily hollered to Parker, "It's ok. We're awake." So then Parker pokes his head in and says, "Dad, would you like a fried egg sandwich?" Me: "Um, are you going to make one?" Parker: "If you want one." Me: "Sure! I love fried egg sandwiches." So my 9-year-old son brings me breakfast in bed. And this sandwich could have been served at a restaurant! What a thoughtful guy.

Earlier in the morning we had heard Jessica wandering around the house singing: "I am the queen. I am the princess. I am the queen...." After I got up, I asked her to go do something. She responded with "Yes, daddy," while going into a deep curtsey! What a cutie:)