Friday, March 22, 2013

Miss Lexi Li and Little Lexi

This is beautiful Lexi's referral photo:

I am madly in love with my Lexi.  She is an all-around special girl.  

She is just so GOOD.

Everywhere she goes, she reaches her hand out and touches whoever is around her and says, "Hi!  My name is Lexi.  What's your name?"  This often leads to a long conversation and instant friendship.  People LOVE and ADORE this sweet girl.  Her teachers, friends, neighbors, and strangers are drawn to her and her special spirit.  She brings us so much JOY.

This is beautiful Yin's referral photo:

When I read Yin's profile, I immediately thought of my Lexi.  Her personality sounds exactly the same.  In fact, I'm just going to call her "Little Lexi."  And I thought to myself, "This is just TRAGIC!"  Little Lexi is sitting in an orphanage across the world.   So many wonderful, sweet people here are drawn to my Lexi and will even say things like, "Oh, I wish I had a daughter just like her," or "Could I take you home with me?!"  And there is one-year-old Little Lexi, waiting for a family of her own.


Are you sure this little girl doesn't have a place in your family?  Oh my goodness, is she ever precious!  You would be working with the most wonderful agency, CCAI, and Little Lexi would have such a good head start by getting home at a much younger age than our Lexi.  She could be reading (braille) on level by the time she gets into kindergarten.  She could have such a bright future.  She could bring SO MUCH JOY into your home.

I'm just sayin'....    (;


Little Lexi's description:

Yin is a very pretty little girl, but she can’t enjoy the color of the world in her life because due to her special need of hypoplasia of the optic nerve, she can’t see anything. She can only use her hearing to experience this world. She has also been diagnosed with patent foramen ovale.

Yin is extremely well-mannered, and when she’s not doing anything, she will always be by herself sitting quietly off to the side listening to the little children run around and making noises often times giving rise to a happy smile. Even though she can’t see things, she can grab onto her own cookies and bread and eat them. Her hearing is very sensitive, especially towards the sounds from a nanny who often takes care of her. Every time she hears the sound of the nanny talking, she will accurately turn her hands and face towards the nanny, hoping the nanny will see her. Her body is quite hale and hearty and now if you use one hand to support her, she can walk forward.

The older she gets, the more she understands. In general, she can understand a few simple words and terms, she can clap her hands in welcome, and she knows parts of her body like hands, feet, tongue, etc. Her personality is getting brighter and brighter and she is learning how to play with other children and horseplay with them. She plays well, she likes every kind of toy and sometimes when she hears a cartoon come on the TV, she will say “n, a” to make a few sentences. It is so cute!