Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I See

I was blessed with perfect vision for the first 42 years of my life.  About three years ago I noticed I that I couldn't focus when my kids would say "Look, Dad!" and thrust school papers, iPhone photos and various other items about three inches from my eyes.  I had to start pushing these items farther and farther out in order to read them.  Then about a year ago I noticed that my distance vision was getting blurry.  Large shapes (horizons, houses, etc.) were mostly OK, but trying to read street signs was getting more and more difficult.  It has been getting worse and worse on both ends of the spectrum.  From about 1.5 feet to about 8 feet away, it's all still very clear.

I have whined and complained to Christi about this for months.  In December we went to see The Last Jedi, and that was the first time I noticed that a movie was blurry for me.  After that I went to the optometrist and ordered a pair of glasses.  About two weeks ago, before the glasses arrived, I was in my room, looking at a picture on the wall about 15 feet away.  It was blurry.  "I can't see ANYTHING!" I griped to my sweet wife.  She quietly pointed to Lexi, who was also in the room.

Suddenly I was so grateful.  Grateful for all the years I have seen so well.  Grateful that even without glasses I can still see well enough to function.  Grateful that with glasses I am now able to improve my distance vision to what it used to be.  How grateful would Lexi be just to see shapes, or a little bit of color.  I love you, my three blind mice.  I look forward to the resurrection when I can see the expression on Lexi's, Conner's and Elli's faces the first time they see.  I love them so much!


On a somewhat related note...Cali got a letter in the mail today recruiting her to join the Marines!😂