Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lone Peak 2013

My third Friday in September in a sleeping bag was on  Lone Peak.  Our sixth annual trip!  It's fun to compare pictures from other years and see how much the boys have grown.  I can't believe they were  just seven and nine the first time we went.  I also can't believe I carried the boys' packs half-way up on one of my arms because they got too tired.  Well, they carry their own weight now!  I am so proud of those two boys.  (I am so proud of ALL my kids, but this post is about a camping trip with the two of them;)  I am constantly grateful for the opportunity to associate with them.  They are great men.  They will do great things.  They will (and do) have a lasting and important impact on the world and the people around them.

This year Taylor, Parker and I were joined by my brother, Tyler.  He's been up before, but it's been years.  We had a great time with no major mishaps, which is the exception to the rule.:)  The waterfall was as beautiful as ever.  I got as little sleep as I always do up there.  (As we were getting into our sleeping bags I told Tyler: "Well, this will be the best worst-night's-sleep I have all year!")  But in spite of the lack of sleep and the achy muscles when I get back, I look forward to our trip every time.  There are so many facets to why I love it.  It's a spiritual experience up there.  Multiple prophets in the Bible experienced marvelous visions and revelations on mountain tops.   I haven't had any visions, but I have had some promptings up there over the years.  The views are as beautiful as any I've ever seen.  The hike itself, while exhausting, is very fulfilling.  Probably something like a runner feels when he crosses the finish line of a long race.

It's a great tradition.  The boys hope to go up there someday with their own kids.  Hopefully I'll be up to a trip or two even then.  My goal is to keep doing it until I'm 70.  Better lay off those doughnuts!


Tyler got rid of a large tree branch that was hanging dangerously over our campfire area. 

View from the top

Oh, no! Taylor's barely hanging on!

This is me.  Still brave enough at 41 to jump in that cold mountain water!