Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Band

Taylor and Parker love playing basketball.  It's so fun to watch them together when they play on their Jr. High team.  I love how much effort they put forth and the teamwork and dedication they are learning.  It's fun that they're playing for their school team and often have friends cheering for them in the stands.  The pep band even comes and plays at the home games.  Taylor plays trombone in the band, and enjoys being a part of that during the JV games.  During the varsity games, Taylor is on the court instead of in the stands. 

After a recent game, Taylor asked Christi and me, "Did you hear my band cheering for me?"  We had, in fact, heard his band cheer loudly for him every time he made a shot.  I'm so glad the boys are getting this marvelous experience of shining in front of their friends.  And it's amazing how much more joy it brings to me than it does to him.  Parenthood is such a magnifier of emotions!