Sunday, March 10, 2013

Who's on the phone?

Saturday morning I took Taylor to a junior high math competition.  On the way back I was going to go right by Walmart.  I figured I could stop and pick up some items for Sunday dinner.  I've become much more domestic lately.  I cook way more frequently than I used to.  I planned on making cream of broccoli soup (which I did and which turned out to be very well received by the kiddos!).

I called Christi to see if she wanted me to get anything for her while I was at the store.  She answered the home phone and we talked for a few minutes.  She asked if we had been able to find the competition and Taylor's teacher.  I had.  She asked if we were on time.  Early!  (This is a fairly big accomplishment for me.)  I asked how her morning had been.  Had she been able to go back to sleep after we left?  No.  What was the problem?  Sophi and Lexi kept coming in the room and needing this and that, etc.  Anyway, we had been talking for at least five minutes.  I finally came around to the point of my call.  "Do you need me to get anything while I'm at Walmart?"

Instantly this third voice chimes in, very matter-of-factly and without any hint that she might think she's a third wheel in this conversation:  "We could use some fresh rasberries and strawberries for waffles, 'cuz I love waffles.  And maybe you could get some Fruity Pebbles.  Actually, maybe you should get two bags of Fruity Pebbles 'cuz we have such a big family.  Oh, and you know those cookies you get for lunch?  The ones that are chocolate and strawberry and vanilla?  But you've been only getting the vanilla kind lately?  You should get some of the chocolate and strawberry ones 'cuz I really like them, too."

"Thanks, Jess.  Those are great suggestions.  Would you like me to get some cool whip for the waffles?"

"Just a minute, let me check and see if we have any...pause...Um, is sour cream like cool whip?"

"Not at all."

"Then, yes.  You better get some cool whip, too.  Good idea, Dad!"

I love my Jessica!!!