Thursday, October 27, 2011

The note I just found on Jessica's door

I am not kidding!
Parker and Taylor
Don't come in.
Not even if it's an a merchitce.
Just for today.

(decorated with pictures of said boys)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

We love Annie!

We have the most wonderful neighbors. Most days we have at least a few extra kiddos over here. One darling girl, Annie, has practically become one of ours. She is friends to Jesi, Xander, Lexi, and Sophi, and they all constantly ask to play with her.

Today I found the sweetest letter in Jesi's bedroom. She had just written it to bring over to Annie.

Dear Annie

You are a good friend to me. You are so in joy a bowl to me. I can trust you for secrats. I think you are smart.

Your friend,

P.S. We're playing candyland. Bye.

So grateful for good friends for our children!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

You may be wondering...

... what's up with all the blog posts this afternoon.

It's simple, really.

It all started earlier this week when I had just folded a huge batch of clothes and had them sitting on my nicely made bed.

Insert Elli.

Within minutes of her going into my room unsupervised, she had not only thrown all of the clothes off the bed and strewn them about the room, but had taken the sheets and blankets off the bed, knocked various items off the dresser and nightstand, and was tearing up papers from the desk. Oh, and she emptied Jeremy's very organized card file, which he was oh-so-happy about.

I was too overwhelmed and busy to clean it up then, and in the last few days that mess has multiplied. (That seems to happen a lot around here.) Now you can see approximately three square inches of carpet in my bedroom. Which is why it was supposed to be my project this afternoon. And I would think you would agree, if that was your project for the day, you would rather blog too!

AGH!!!!! (:

How can you not smile?

Xander is a hoot.

This is him getting ready for his imaginary camping trip:

Yesterday Jeremy asked if he wanted to go to basketball practice with him and the other boys. Within seconds, Xander had donned this outfit and was ready to go. I just worry about his lack of personality. (;

Like going back in time...

My little sister, Leslie, and her family came up here last weekend. Her son was getting sclerotherapy the same day as Xander, and by the same doctor. We didn't even schedule that on purpose-- crazy!! Both of their surgeries were successful, but it was obviously not a fun experience for either of them (or their moms!). It is so hard to watch your child hurt.

At least the other kids got to have some fun!!

Leslie's three boys are so, so darling. Whenever we are around them, Jer and I will have flashes of Taylor and Parker at their ages. Trey looks so much like Taylor, and Lincoln like Parker. I'm not sure if you can see it in these pictures, but it really is crazy how similar they are. I am so glad to have them around to remind me of my cute little boys that grew up WAY too fast!

Leslie makes these cutest headbands. I'm thinking I should take lessons...

Sophi's kisses...

...are seriously the best thing on the planet.

Could she be any cuter? Seriously??

Three cheers for Elli!

Elli has been so happy for the last couple of days. Her teacher said that Tuesday was the best day she's ever had-- yay! Yesterday I met her class for a field trip. I wish I had brought my camera-- the kids were all so sweet! It's always good to be around other moms and teachers who understand a lot of what you are going through with these special kids. Something so random-- one of my roommates from BYU has a son with autism who is in Elli's class. We hadn't seen each other for years and then that happens!

I was visiting with her teacher at the field trip, and she thinks that I need to take another shot at potty training Elli. Um, that sounds like as much fun as pulling out my toenails! I am not kidding. But I'm going to try. Elli does usually go on the toilet when we take her, it's just that she doesn't tell us when she needs to go. And she dances around on the toilet and makes all kinds of fun messes. Apparently at school, they have been taking her very consistently (giving her treats as rewards-- she'll do anything she can do for treats) and she is staying dry there. She rarely stays dry here, but then again, I am not at all consistent at taking her. So I guess we're going to give this thing a try. Starting Saturday. I'm trying not to panic.

I LOVE my Elli. I have said before that she is like oxygen to me-- that I just have to breathe her every day. Admittedly I feel more that way when she has good days like these!! (:

She is an angel on earth, that girl.


These two crack me up. Their interactions are just so funny. Sophi will try to read to Lexi by running her toes over the braille letters while making up a story. Lexi will try to carry Sophi around like she's her little baby and will constantly run into things and drop her, which they both find very humorous. Lexi will try to teach Sophi how to pronounce things correctly (hilarious!) while Sophi will try to tell Lexi what to do. Sophi will feed Lexi with her little toes while barking at her to come closer, and Lexi will feed Sophi but miss her mouth half the time. They just laugh through it all.

I love them!

Toothless Wonders x 4

This is my attempt at getting a picture of how these four darlings are currently missing their two front teeth. As you can see, it wasn't very successful. (:

Our family just might put the tooth fairy out of business...

Which reminds me, I found it quite humorous that Parker was determined to wiggle his tooth loose while we were down in Ferron visiting Grandma a couple weeks ago. Apparently, he had learned from past experience that the tooth fairy pays a lot more at Grandma's house. I told him it may have just been a one time thing, but he was quite sure it would happen again. He was right. (:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No such thing as a few minutes alone...

After repeatedly telling the kids that I was busy for a few minutes, (ie. leave me alone, please!) I received this note on my counter:

"Dear Mrs. Green,

I think you will not Be happy about this. Lexi said she needs you. She's in Jessica's room. so sorry to interupt yoour cooking."

The handwriting points to this cutie:

Random Cuteness

At some point on most school mornings, when Sophi is Christi's incessant, noisy, demanding shadow, and continually shouts to ensure her voice is heard above the general din of getting seven other kids out the door, Christi hollers out to me, "Don't forget that today is take-your-daughter-to-work day!"

Last night Taylor and Parker had basketball practice and I was coaching them. We were gone for an hour and a half. During that time, Graci had helped out a lot with the little kids. The boys and I got home and the family immediately sat down to a late dinner. It was obvious that the boys were exhausted, and I told them to just shower and go straight to bed. Graci, in an abrasive voice, barked at me "Do I have to help?" OK. I understand her point. The boys get to play while she works. Then, since their play was so intense that it wore them out, they get to go to bed while she helps clean up dinner? Doesn't seem fair. But her tone of voice can be quite similar to nails on a chalkboard at times and can create in a person a desire to bark back at her, "Yes!!! You do have to help!!!". But I, being the sweet, thoughtful, kind dad that I am, decided to take the patient route. With a smile on my face, I explain to Graci that I empathize with her. I give her an example of a different way to approach me with her request: (In a syrupy, sweet voice and batting my eyelashes) "Daddy, I worked so hard while you and the boys were playing basketball. I helped mommy so much. Would it be OK if maybe I could relax after dinner like Taylor and Parker? Grace, do you see the difference?" I asked. "Yes," she replied. "OK, why don't you try asking me again." Graci, in an ever-so-slightly less abrasive voice than the first time: "Do I have to help?" I stared at her for about 2 seconds and then busted up laughing. No Grace, you don't have to help:)

Christi, after observing Sophi walking around wearing one of my big, white t-shirts and looking quite like a Halloween ghost: "You know, depending on how gory we wanted to get, Sophi could have some really incredible Halloween costumes when she gets older..."

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Too many kisses!

Christi was holding Sophi in her lap. I came up and suggested three-way kisses, which Soph loves. Christi and I pressed our lips together and waited for Sophi to put her lips up with ours. She did. We all made a big "MMMMMM-AHHH" sound as we gave each other the kiss. We did it one more time. I started on a third try and Sophi emphatically said, "ENOUGH!!!" "Enough?" I asked. "ENOUGH! K?" OK Soph:)