Tuesday, August 26, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Sweet Sophi was making a card for me yesterday.  As she was contemplating what to draw, she asked Christi, "What does Daddy love?"

"Basketball."  Christi replied.

"I know he loves basketball.  But what does he love more than basketball?"

Christi though for a moment then replied, "Food!"  (Thank you, sweetheart:)

Sophi responded, "I know he loves food.  But what does he love more than that?"…ponder…ponder…ponder…"I know!!!  Going to China and adopting a kid!"

I couldn't help but smile when Christi told me.  The picture below is of Sophi making a birthday card for a friend of hers.  Christi told her what letters to write, but Sophi wrote them on her own.  What a big girl!

-An overweight sports junkie with a bunch of kids:)