Saturday, July 10, 2010

My third post tonight!

Just a few of the things that have been making me smile:

Going into the girls' room to tuck them in and finding this...

Summer days that wear us out to the point of this...

Going outside and finding this...
(In case you can't tell, he's "walking on water")

Jesi thinking she has to wear her life jacket in our pool...
(By the way, Elli does own a swimsuit-- I was just being lazy)

Xander's expressions...

The position in which Elli plays with her toy...

And finally, what X-man would look like with Taylor's legs...

And with that, I'm finally going to bed! (:

Poor Papa Bear...

I have a very cute husband.

Who is a very cute daddy.

With some very cute quirks.

One of those quirks is an earnest desire to instill in our children a love cream of wheat. He has fond memories of eating it when he was young and wants our children to have the same. So about once a year, he tries to make cream of wheat.

In general, the kids don’t seem to like it.

It’s probably because Jeremy seems to have the worst luck preparing the cream of wheat. It’s either too thin or too lumpy or too burnt. Poor guy. ):

This morning he decided it was time to try again. This time, he had the very smart idea of calling the cream of wheat “porridge,” so as to disconnect this morning’s breakfast to memories of prior bouts with cream of wheat.

He called the kiddos up from their Saturday morning cartoons, and had them sit on the floor while he told them the story of the “Three Little Bears.” It was cute enough that I had to grab my camera.

While all of the kids have heard the story many times (well, maybe not Xander…) it was so cute how they all listened and how excited it made them to try the porridge Daddy was making.

The “porridge” looked perfect! It was just the right consistency, and watching him stir in the brown sugar got the kids all excited. I was even excited to try some, and I’ve never cared for cream of wheat. It looked soooooo good!!

They sat down eagerly to their bowls.

Then they politely began to eat. Elli, not understanding “manners” took one bite and pushed the bowl away. The others kept eating, but it was apparent that they weren’t enthused. Jeremy finally started eating and realized it was… scorched.

I seriously didn’t know whether to giggle or to cry for him.

It’s ok, dear. Keep trying!! There’s always next year…

Born on the fourth of July!

I have so much to catch up on, and I had better start with our sweet Taylor's birthday! It's crazy to think that we now have TWO eleven-year-olds!

(And THREE five-year-olds, counting Lexi. LOL)

Our sweet Taylor made his debut on the 4th of July, 1999. I remember it like it was yesterday! He came exactly 13 days early, and we just know it's so he could have parades and fireworks on his birthday each year! He was the tiniest, sweetest little boy I had ever laid eyes on. I was sooooo in love and thought I could never love him more, but I DO!!!

Taylor is kind, sensitive, smart as a whip, dedicated, athletic, fun, a deep thinker, musical, selfless, witty, and oh so handsome... Someday he will make one lucky girl VERY happy!

He spends his days reading, busting out cool dance moves, playing board games, watching some TV, reading, shooting hoops, playing baseball, playing with his brothers and sisters, sleeping in (our only one who will), and reading. He has the best giggle in the ENTIRE world and I will never tire of hearing it! His best friend is his brother Parker, and they get along perfectly! His other best buddies are Cohlton and Brody-- both awesome boys.

He loves Hershey bars, watching ESPN and anything sports related, having lots of brothers and sisters to play with, hiking, camping, reading (have I mentioned that yet?), playing on the computer, glazed donuts and vanilla ice-cream, BYU, alone time, hanging out with friends, nature, Tennessee, and cuddling Mom and Dad-- YAY!

We couldn't be more proud of our first-born. Taylor, we LOVE LOVE LOVE you!

Taylor's 2004 birthday party-- what a cutie! (Can you spot Parker? Hint... he's wearing a hat)

Having fun with his birthday present-- laser tag!

Breakfast in bed-- age 5

Breakfast in bed-- age 11