Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thoughts on Dad

I was talking with Taylor and Parker about my brother Tyler. It came up that Tyler was 24. Taylor's response was, "He's that old??? He doesn't seem that old! He's in great shape, has a nice tan and has awesome hair."

Hmm. So that's the description of a handsome young man.

"So Taylor, how would you describe your dear old dad?"

At this point, Parker, ever one to look our for those he loves, quickly jumped in with, "Awesome personality, great coach, fun to play with." Thanks, Park! Taylor (after some coercion) finally described me: "greyish hair...a bit chubby...and kinda' pale."

Later that day Graci came up to me, touched a spot of my face, and asked, "How do you get rid of the bumps?" Me: "Bumps?" Graci: "You know, the bumps." Me (catching on to what she meant): "Just say it, Grace." "You know...(then in a whispered voice) pimples." "Why are you whispering, Grace?" "Because it's embarrasing!" Thinking about how she had touched my face to start the conversation, I asked, "Do I have a pimple?" Grace: "You have lots!"

They know how to keep you humble:)