Saturday, November 26, 2011

Science Fair Help ADDENDUM

Wow!  Thank you so much for your input-- it has helped a TON!   Keep it coming, please!!

Ok, so this is the deal-- we need more MALES to watch the video.  We are getting a disproportionate number of females/males and we need them to be equal.  So... ask your sons and hubbies, if you don't mind.  (:

A big thanks from Graci and Taylor!  (:

Science Fair Help

It's my favorite time of year again--  science fair!  This year I get to help THREE kids put together their science fair project.  Lucky, lucky me!  (;

Graci and Taylor are requesting your help in their projects.  First of all, for Graci's project, if you could watch a short video and then leave a comment with the answer to the last question it asked, that would be sooo helpful!  Please state if you are male or female, as she is investigating whether gender affects the results of the test.  You can have family members take it too, if you feel so inclined to help even more!  (:

The video is HERE.

Secondly, Taylor is investigating the Birthday Paradox.  If you could just leave a comment in the comment box with the birthdates (without the year) of you and your family members, it would help tremendously.

The more participants, the better.  (:

Thank you, wonderful readers!!!