Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Road Trip

Taylor's basketball season has been a blast this year.  He's done very well, playing JV and varsity as a freshman.  (6'3" doesn't hurt!)  A few weekends ago, his teams went on a road trip to Eastern Utah, and I took some of the kids and followed them.  We drove a total of about 8 hours in two days.  They played in Altamont and Manila.  JV and varsity both won both of their games.  Varsity's game against Manila was particularly fun, with a packed house and an overtime win.

Cali, Jesi, Lexi and Xander drove with me.  We stayed overnight in Vernal.  Of course the kids loved the swimming pool and eating at restaurants.  But the non-basketball highlight of the trip was the dinosaur quarry at Dinosaur national monument.  Boasting possibly the most concentrated collection of dinosaur bones in the world, it was a fascinating exhibit for the kids.

Thanks, Taylor, for giving us a reason for a road trip!