Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm running away...

You know those days. Everything goes wrong. Your house is a mess and you don't know where to start. Kids are particularly needy. This has been my day. And I have to say, I was pretty excited when 12:45 rolled around and it was time for the bus to pick up Elli. Xander had just left for his school, so I would just have Sophi and Lexi here. Sophi usually naps, so I was thinking of all I could get done with it just being myself and Lex.

Elli and I go outside and wait for the bus. We wait, and wait... After finally making a phone call, I find out that today was early day, and we had been gone when the bus had come earlier. Lovely. I calculate whether it's worth it to get everyone loaded and drive her to school myself, but realize that she'd only be there for a half an hour, and decide against it. I bring Elli back inside, who is not very happy that she isn't going to school. I look around at the mess and feel very overwhelmed. Sophi is crying and Lexi is repeatedly asking for a bath. She's already had one today, but I figure it will give me 15 minutes of freedom, so I put Sophi down for her nap and put Lexi in the tub. Elli's out in the living room creating messes I don't want to know about. I hide in my room and call Jeremy to talk. He tells me he's eating Chili's southwestern eggrolls for lunch. My mouth waters and I want to switch places with him. But I fight the urge to feel sorry for myself and decide I'm going to go out and conquer the mess that is my home. At that moment I hear Lexi call out, "Elli, no! No, Elli!" This piques my interest, as Elli is supposed to be in the living room and Lexi in the tub. I go out to check and find this:

Oh, Elli.

At least she took her shoes off.

Sophi never did take her nap, BTW.

And, yes, I do realize that instead of posting this, I could have cleaned my living room-- but the drive is gone.

Lovely, lovely day.

--Christianne (:

Sports Gal

This morning I was helping Xander learn how to dribble a basketball. We worked together for several minutes on the kitchen floor. He had the biggest grin on his face as he was able to rapidly go from no dribbling ability to some dribbling ability. At one point I looked over at Sophi and jokingly asked, "Are you going to play basketball some day?" Xander laughed out loud and said, "Sophi can't play basketball...." Christi started to say, "Well maybe she could stand on one foot and..." At that point Xander finished his statement: "...cuz she's 2!"

What a beautiful way to look at his little sister. The sky's the limit for both of those kids!!!