Monday, February 11, 2013

Any potential moms out there?? (:

This is the conversation I had with Sophi this morning.  It is pretty much word-for-word-- I was so touched that I kept hearing it over and over in my head all day.  It was especially cute in her sweet Sophi voice.  (:

Soph:  "Mom, I love you."

Me:  "Soph, I love you."

Soph:  "I love you so much!"

Me:   "I love you so much!"

Soph:  "We love each others, right?"

Me:  "Right."

Spontaneous kiss.

Soph:  "Mom, thank you for 'dopting me."

Me:  "Thank you for being my daughter!"

Soph:  "Cuz I was lonely in China, huh?"

Me:  "Oh, I'm so sorry you were lonely!"

Soph:  "Yeah, I was sad, huh?  But now I not cuz I have a family, huh?!"

Me:  "Yes, now we're all so happy!"

Soph:  "'Cept my friends in China are still lonely."

Me:  "Why are they lonely?"

Soph:  "Cuz they want their moms."

  The first photo we saw of Sophi

 Some of Sophi's friends

  Sophi's "playroom" where she spent most of her day

 Sophi's "sleeping room"

She became very somber when we visited the orphanage

Second day in China...

No longer lonely!

"Do you want to do something beautiful for God? There is a person who needs you. This is your chance."  --Mother Teresa