Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Save a Tree?

Taylor:   "Dad.  Come upstairs.  It's worth it!"

Me, as I'm walking up the stairs:  "What."

Taylor:  "Close your eyes."  He leads me into the bonus room.  "Open your eyes.  These are all of the papers from 3rd quarter that I'm throwing away!"

He's always been a bit of an artist, especially with geometric shapes:)

Disney for Lexi

Most of our posts have lots of pictures, which most of our kids love to peruse.  This post is for Lexi.  I put together a few video clips of her.  She loves to listen to these and remember our trip.  If you want to watch as well, the thing that most stands out to me is how sweet the characters are with our special needs kids.

More Disney!

Sophi took many selfies on the trip down.  We'll just share one of them:)

We stayed overnight in St. George.  Christi's sister has a wonderful mother- and father-in-law who let us crash at their house.  They have a great dress-up selection for their grandkids:)

The Tower of Terror lives up to its name:

After a couple of times on the same ride, you get to know when the pictures are taken.  Love the poses!

Nice, Park!

A Bug's Life kiddie rides:

Up in Tarzan's treehouse.  It's crazy to think these boys first came here at ages 1 and 2!

If you take selfies on Dad's phone, know that they may end up on the blog:)

Taylor's favorite Disney food has always been the pretzels:)

On the Carousel:

Somehow Parker always manages to situate himself next to the pretty princesses.  Hmmm...  Coincidence?  I think not!

Lots of pumpkins at Disney in October!

Lunch with the princesses at Ariel's Grotto:

Way too cool!

At Duke's restaurant in Huntington Beach.  You don't go away hungry!

Conner's (and Dad's!) favorite Disney food:  The turkey leg.

Good-bye Disneyland!  We'll miss you!  Hope to visit again!!!