Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daily dose of Jesi and Graci

As we're rushing to get everyone ready for school:
Me: "Jesi, where's your backpack?"
Jesi: "In my room."
Me, after looking around her room: "Where in your room?"
Jesi, with a teenager-roll-her-eyes-tone-of-voice: "Hellllo! Somewhere!"

Christi and I took Jesi out to dinner by herself tonight. Christi said to me: "Guess who Jesi's 1st best friend is?"
Me: "Who is it, Jesi?"
Jesi, with a coy smile, "Mommy! And guess who my 2nd best friend is."
Me: "Who?"
Jesi: "Graci. You're my 3rd best friend." Then, with an impish smile "Ha ha. You're close to lastest best!"

Tonight I was working on Graci's math homework with her. She asked if her answer to the last problem was correct. This is what she had written: "alike the bout will have #s go on for every different they will get difererct if 2 is Pall it not the same has if you have nine."
It does make slightly more sense (but only a LITTLE more) if you have read the question. I am so proud of our sweet Graci and how hard she has worked and the good grades she has earned in spite of changing languages 3 years ago!!! Way to go, Grace:) I love you:)