Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jello Hazards

My kids think jello and Sunday go together like cookies and milk. This Sunday, I had tripled the batch and was being oh-so-careful as I placed it in the fridge, seeing as how it was almost to the top of the dish. Then, at the last second, my foot slipped a bit and this happened:

What do you do?

Well, the camera was right there, so I took a picture (somehow taking pictures of messes alleviates much of the pain) and then my mom and I cleaned it up together. It took a good deal of time getting the jello out of all the nooks and crannies of the fridge. When we finally finished, our hands were stained a beautiful red, but I was glad that at least there still seemed to be enough jello for dinner. As I carefully put it back, we realized that jello had likely seeped under the fridge. I asked Jeremy to come and move the fridge so we could clean underneath. The fridge doesn't move easily, so you have to use a back and forth motion. (I'm sure that you're smarter than I and can see where this is going.) We actually didn't find much jello underneath, but there was a plethora of other junk/crumbs/nastiness. Lucky for me, I was in the middle of making rolls so my mom took on the fun task of cleaning.

As Mom is cleaning, Jeremy happens to open the fridge. Come to find, as the fridge was being moved, the jello had again sloshed around-- creating the exact same mess we had just cleaned up. Except this time, it was a bit more set--making it even harder to clean.

I love when I'm smart like that.