Thursday, August 7, 2008

Good Kids

Once a month our church publishes 3 magazines. One is for adults, one for teens, and one for children. The magazine for children is called: "The Friend." We subscribe to these magazines. The other day, they came in the mail, and Parker immediately said, "Can I just sit down and read The Friend for awhile?"

Talk about making a parents day! He was excited to read this magazine filled with uplifting and spiritually educational stories. It's great that he can hit home runs in baseball, but this is the stuff that really counts! (Note the gratuitous mention of his athletic prowess in this story:) What can I say, I'm a proud papa!)

Happy 5th Birthday, Jessica!

Yesterday, our Jesi turned five years old. She had a wonderful day, starting with her breakfast in bed-- cinnamon toast crunch, sausage, an apple, and chocolate milk. All the kids LOVE picking their birthday breakfasts. Graci played with Jessica all day-- they are so inseparable!! The boys have been at a sports camp at BYU and are staying the nights with Uncle Matthew and Aunt Megan. Last night, Megan brought them here so they could be here for some of Jesi's special day. The boys have only been gone since Monday morning-- but you would think it had been much longer than that the way they were all so excited to see each other. Parker swung all the girls around and they were all jumping up and down. Elli flipped out-- she was so excited to have the boys home. It was so cute and made me realize how much they all love each other-- such a blessing.

Anyway, it was a great night. Jessica picked corn dogs, french fries, and plums for dinner--- interesting... The girls are both having their parties on Saturday, so they are very excited and talk about it constantly.

Jessica, you are such an amazing little girl. You light up our lives every single day. We are so grateful for your "sparkly" personality, the dozens and dozens of dress-ups you go through each week, your infectious little giggle, your determination to succeed, your sweet "deliveries", all of your "parties" and "decorations," and the pure magic you bring to our home. Words can't tell you how much you are loved. Happy Birthday, princess Jesi!