Monday, August 27, 2012


First of all,  PLEASE keep the meal ideas coming-- I'm loving it!

Once in awhile, you'll see a picture or hear a story that just rips at your heart.  It makes seemingly important things not matter anymore, and causes you to reflect on the truly important, eternal kinds of things.  Tonight I saw such a picture.  I won't share it here, because it is too heartbreaking, but I will share another one, of the same sweet girl.  In this picture, you won't have to see the horrific burns that cover so much of her body, and her sad little eyes as she is photographed showing her scars.

This little girl, named Calla by the agency advocating for her, is Jessica's age.  She was found at the age of 3 months old with severe burns all over her body.   This is part of what my friend, Annie, writes about her:

Her file states that as she learned to speak, the nannies taught her to say “mom” and that is was hard for her to say at first but she tried and tried until she was able to say it.  It also stated that because her feet were so badly burned that learning how to walk was very hard and painful for her, but she was determined and was able to overcome the pain and learned to walk.  Now, with the help of teachers and of other children, she will hold the hands of the other children to go to classroom or  to the dining hall to eat. She loves sharing her toys and loves drawing and although her file states that “it is not as pretty as other children’s”, she proudly puts her picture on a wall to show it to teachers and other children.  I pray that someone tells her that it is wonderful, that she draws pretty pictures. 
Please pray that this precious, beautiful child can finally know love, can finally know how amazing she is.

Surely there is someone out there who has room in their hearts and home for beautiful Calla.  If you or someone you know would like more information on her, please email me.  (:



Most of the kids have started school and it seems I might find a little bit more time in the day to get somewhat organized and dig into all of the paperwork and projects and messes that have been looming over my head like a dark cloud!!  One thing that I want to attempt to get better at is meal planning.  I so often don't even know what I'm making for dinner until 20 minutes beforehand.  Most of the time that works fine for me, because I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of girl.  But sometimes it causes undue stress and leads to less than stellar meals.

So I want your ideas!!!  I want ideas for EASY (most important) meals that are mostly nutritious (I try not to cook with a lot of cream-of-something soups, sour cream, etc) and that are QUICK!  Crock pot recipes would be great.  I'm into really easy sides, like rice, cut up fruit or steamed veggies (I don't usually make fancy salads or side dishes unless it's a special occasion). 

I'll give you a few ideas of some of our favorite, easy dinners off the top of my head:

Breakfast Sandwiches: Toasted English muffins (we even like whole wheat) with scrambled eggs and turkey bacon-- easy and yummy. 

Breakfast Burritos:  Scrambled eggs and turkey bacon with salsa in tortillas

Barbeque Chicken Wraps:  Chicken cooked in barbeque sauce in the crock pot, shredded, then add more bbq sauce and put in tortillas (preferably the uncooked ones that you cook yourself-- so much better!), sometimes with added cheese or rice (Thanks, Channy, for this family favorite)

Stir fry:  A mega bag of stir fry veggies seasoned with soy and teriyaki sauce-- at the end add a bunch of cooked ramen noodles (drained and seasoned)

...These are the easy kinds of meals I'm talking about.  A few ingredients and QUICK.

Please, slather me with ideas!!!!  (: