Friday, July 20, 2012

Yearning for Sight

Dear Lexi.  Sweet wonderful Lexi.  She is such a special child.  As I compose this post, she is in a  nearby room singing at the top of her lungs.  Sometimes she sings along with her iPod.  Sometimes she sings without it.  The melodies are generally spot on.  The pronunciation of the words is unique:)  She has the intuitive ability to drop an octave when the song goes too high for her range.  Her singing is one of the many things that make us think, "What would we do without her?"

Lexi yearns for sight.  She often says, "I don't like blind!  I don't want blind!"  She is constantly telling us about things she sees.  The other day (after I drove all of the kids to Oregon on my own so Christi could have 36 hours by herself at home and then fly up, not that I deserve any accolades or anything:) I had all 8 kids in the van as we pulled into the airport to get Christi.  I told everyone to look for mom, and of course Lexi was the first to say, "I see her!" (a bit earlier than she actually came into view.)  A couple of days ago I was driving with Lexi, Jesi and Graci.  I pointed out a train that was running parallel to us.  Lexi asked, "Can I roll down the window so I can see it?"  She rolled the window down about an inch and said, "Oh that's so cool!" and then rolled the window back up.

These poignant little moments occur often.  I wish I had more to give her.  I wish I could explain things better so she could envision them more fully.  Despite the frustration that her blindness sometimes causes her, dear Lexi is a bright, optimistic soul.  She finds the joy in so many of life's experiences.  She is a great example of looking at the bright side of life!

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

I love the way Sophi pronounces certain words.  One of those words is "girl."  In order to get her to say it, this morning I asked her:  "Sophi, are you a boy or a girl."  She replied, "I a giwl.  I not 'posed to take a shower!"  Evidently she has learned the importance of baths in a girl's life at an early age:)

P.S.  Since "shower" is another word I like to hear her say (she has a bit of a hard time with an "r" sound at the end of words), I tried to get her to say it again.  After she said "I not 'posed to take a shower!", I said, "Say shower." 

Sophi (VERY emphatically):  "I aweady DID!!!"  She has a delightfully strong little personality:)