Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For Teri

First, a run down...

I am feeling so much better from the surgery. Sadly, I woke up with the cold that our family can't seem to get rid of-- of course, right? My throat is so raw and my body aches. I visited the surgeon today and had my bandages removed. There's still some swelling, but I'm definitely on the mend. AND, I was able to take a hot bath tonight now that my bandages are off!!

Jeremy is feeling better and won a work contest today-- woo hoo! He's been good to do all the lifting of the kiddos (which is a lot) and even gets up in the night with them. (:

Graci is fabulous! She got her stitches out yesterday-- all 22 of them. It wasn't pleasant, but not too bad either. The doctor also took an x-ray of her swollen hand (she injured it a few weeks ago trying to do a handstand) and we were happy to find it isn't broken. We so didn't want to add a cast to the mix...

Taylor has a horrible cough. He's milking it for all it's worth by getting lots of TV and reading time.

Parker is working his tail off to earn money for an ipod touch. He has been saving for a VERY long time and has just over $100. He checks KSL every hour or so trying to find a good deal. I'm loving his desire to earn money-- then I don't have to feel quite so bad when I ask him to help out so much while I'm feeling crummy.

Jesi had a frenectomy on Monday. Luckily, our dentist has a laser, so it was done without putting her out or putting her through too much pain. We're glad to have it overwith and it's healing nicely.

Lexi is bored. She needs to start school! It's so tough when she can't do so many of the things that the other kids can relax and do (read, watch tv, etc.) And she's got the cold too.

Elli is Elli. Her two favorite words are "flip flop" and "stroller." Don't ask me why. She says them over and over hundreds of times a day and laughs and laughs when we say it with her. Last night when I tucked her in, I said, "Flip flop! Stroller!" and she got the giggles, so we kept saying it back and forth to each other for about 20 minutes while I cuddled her in bed. It was fun to have her go to bed laughing.

Xander is having fun with Jessica. They are hanging out a lot lately, playing spy kids and jumping off bunk beds. I love it.

Sophi is just charming us every day. I am so in love with her. She comes up to me multiple times a day and says in the sweetest voice, "Mommy tummy owie? Oh, I sorry!" and kisses it. Oh, and she has dazzled us with her new skill-- getting UP the stairs!!! We call her our little butterfly, but she looks more like a cute little caterpillar as she wiggles her way up the stairs.

People continue to be so, so good to our family. Meals keep rolling in, laundry keeps getting picked up. I am amazed and grateful-- more than I can say. All the food has been great, but the dessert tonight deserved a picture:

It's a cheeseburger cake, made by Xander's primary teacher. So cute, so yummy.

Oh, and then there was the pretty fruit bouguet from my girlfriends:

Once again, feeling so so grateful.

I know this is late (I'm behind on posts) but I wanted to journal Jessica and Graci's birthdays. Graci turned 13 (yes, we have a teenager!) on August 4, and Jessica turned 8 on August 6. Graci had breakfast in bed, went shopping with me, and had Kent and Terri (her Make-a-Wish granters) come over for a barbeque that night. Just before we were going to start, there was a knock on the door with a surprise visit (and presents) from Grandma and Grandpa. I didn't even know they were coming! It was such a fun night.

We thought Dad needed Graci's hair extensions more than she did. (:

Since the girls have such close birthdays, we had a combined party on the 5th. We decorated in pink and purple, had the girls wear pajamas, played "pucker up for the prince," had a princess pinata (which malfunctioned), made paper bouquets, had pedicures, ate popsicles and popcorn, would have eaten pumpkin pie if it hadn't turned out so badly (forgot the salt), and watched "Princess and the Frog" on a giant projector. You're getting the theme, right?? It was perfect. Jesi has a favorite babysitter that she always asks to her parties-- her name is Kylie. This year, Kylie AND her parents came (her dad let us borrow their big projector screen) and I was so grateful for their help.

Jesi loved her breakfast in bed, and was especially happy to have her cousins there to enjoy her day with her!! Alissa, Charity, and Mariah got to spend a few days with us. We LOVE LOVE LOVE them and just wish they could have stayed longer.

I'm so blessed to have these two sweet girls in my life! They bring us so much joy, and I love every single thing about them. Love you, Grace and Jes!!!

And now, off to get the big kids to bed-- I let them stay up waaaayyyyy too late just because I was too tired to get up from the computer and tuck them in. (: Goodnight!