Monday, July 19, 2010

Wicked Young Men

I try to read to the kids every night before bed. Sometimes it's every other night, and sometimes it's every other week. But over the course of the last few years we've managed to read Treasure Island, Tom Sawyer, The Chronicles of Narnia, White Fang, The Wizard of Oz and several other books. The kids LOVE it! We are currently reading Anne of Green Gables. It's fun how much Taylor and Parker enjoy Anne Shirley's vivacious personality and non-stop talking. And Graci identifies with Anne because they were both orphans who had to fit in with a new family.

Last night I was reading to them in our bedroom, and Christi was at the computer. I read the following line: "Diana...thinks perhaps it would be nobler to marry some wild, dashing, wicked young man and reform him." Christi immediately said, "That's what I did!"

You should have heard the kids howl with laughter. I couldn't really argue though...I was dashing:)



Today I cam home and the kitchen was a mess. Dirty dishes in the sink. Nowhere to cook the fish I was going to prepare. My wife? She was downstairs playing make believe with married couple Rosalina and Max (Jesi and Xander-she was a doctor, he was a nurse and Christi was a patient who Rosalina and Max had adopted after treating her ailments:). She had been playing with them for close to two hours! Man, I am a lucky guy to have a wife who has her priorities straight!!!

I know I may be getting sickening with this, but...have I mentioned lately how much I love my life:)