Saturday, March 5, 2011

The perfect ending to a perfect date

I'll write more about my date with my boys tomorrow-- I'm too tired right now. But I will tell you how it ended! As it turns out, I was hit with a bad cold last night and was pretty miserable. I drugged myself up enough to take the boys skiing today, and we had a blast. But at the end of the day I was completely exhausted. I knew that I was coming home at dinnertime, and that there would be a lot of kids wanting my attention, and that I owed it to Jeremy to take over. I was not looking forward to it-- only because I didn't feel well at all. But after I walked in the door and greeted all my cute kids, Jeremy sent me in to take a hot bath. He then came and brought me chicken noodle soup and orange juice and told me he was taking care of dinner for the kids.

I have a really, really good man for a husband.


Mommy and Sons

It's just after midnight, so this post will show up as having been written on Saturday, but I'm still counting it as a Friday post, giving us one a day so far this month!

I do a couple of father and sons outings a year. One includes Xander and the other is just the older two boys. I also get a lot of time with Taylor and Parker through coaching. So this weekend, Christi is on a mommy and sons outing with the two oldest boys. I'm sure she'll give some details when she gets back, but it involves an overnight tonight at a hotel and a ski day tomorrow! What fun. I must admit, I'm a bit jealous:)

But I did have a fun night with Jess and Graci! We got the movie "Enchanted" at the library and watched it with licorice, Reese's pieces and Sugar Babies. Life is good.