Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A not so rockin' robin...

(Ok, just from typing that title I know I'm going to have "Rockin' Robin" in my head all night long. Great...)

Do you ever have those little “tender mercies” moments? For instance, the milk jug falls out of the fridge and the lid just happens to be screwed on tightly for once and the milk doesn’t flood the floor like you thought it would? And you just look up to the heavens and whisper a very relieved “Thank-you!” And you really feel the Lord is watching out for you, even if it seems like a silly thing?

I have these moments about a million times a day.

(I also have at least a hundred when the milk does spill, but we’ll choose to ignore these for now.)

Today I was in the kitchen making banana bread when Parker came in and said, “Mom, I think I should tell you something that I promised not to tell.”

“Oh, yeah? Make sure you’re not betraying a confidence…”

“Well, would you want to know if Graci, Xander, and Jesi are keeping a sick bird in their room as a pet?”


After returning the poor robin outside, scrubbing hands, teaching them about getting sick from animals, and putting them in the baths for good measure (while giving up on the banana bread) I thought I had things under control.

Then I walked by the bathroom to see Xander standing in the tub, making an up and down motion with what looked like the handle of… the toilet plunger. As in, the toilet plunger was IN the bathtub!


I berated myself for keeping the plunger so close to the tub and was feeling a bit frustrated about my germ-filled day. (The sick bird was not my only messy encounter.)

As I got closer, I realized it was the handle of one of those long, bath scrub brushes. The toilet plunger was right where it should be-- by the side of the toilet, NOT in the tub. I giggled in relief.

A tender mercy, for sure. (:

PS. We'll keep you posted on the property!

Cross your fingers!

Thanks a million for the prayers and sweet thoughts. Something might be working out...