Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fun times.

I have nothing cute or clever in me tonight.  It's been one of those days.  Started off when I woke up not feeling great myself.  Got worse when I went downstairs to get Elli out of bed and found out she had become sick in the night.  Not only had her messy diaper leaked all over, but she had thrown up and it was entangled throughout her thick black hair.  It was so sad.  Poor girl!!!  Poor mom!!!  Spent the day cleaning up the mess and then just doing enough to get by.   Jeremy was sweet enough to take the littles to the rec center and then make dinner to give me a little break-- during which time I promptly fell asleep.  Naps are the best!  Feeling more hopeful for a better day tomorrow.  (:


Oh, and since I'm sure you don't want a pic of the mess Elli made, I'll share this one instead-- Taylor, Grace, and Cali on their way to the youth etiquette dinner at our church.  (Parker missed it because of a basketball game.)  Can't believe I have FOUR in the Young Women/Young Men program!  I love these amazing kids so so much!!!!!!!!!