Monday, May 2, 2011


With so many doctor appointments full of worry and wondering, I am soooo glad that the Lord threw in such a FUN one today!


It is so cute. It has a little joystick that she works with her toes. She is still a bit nervous driving it, and hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet, but I'm sure a few days is all she needs. (: She looks so darling in it. I still can't believe that they make chairs for kiddos this young. I'm excited to decorate it and make it HER! It is a great chair, and it comes apart so we can transport it more easily. (Power chairs are very heavy, as I learned today breaking my back trying to lift it!)

And... it was free of charge. This because of the wonderful people at Shriner's Hospital. We feel so very blessed that she and Xander are both patients there.

For anyone new to this blog, besides missing her arms, Sophi has some unique challenges with her legs. There is a significant discrepancy in length and she is missing her fibula in her right leg. We're praying that someday she will learn to walk, but in the meantime, this wheelchair will give her the independence that she wants. I am so happy for her!

Unfortunately, our home is not built for a wheelchair, so this will be mostly used outdoors. Fortunately, it came at the perfect time-- we are finally getting some good weather for her to practice in!


(Tomorrow I'll try to remember to snap some photos so you can join in on the fun-- in the meantime, here's Sophi after church yesterday.)