Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A peek inside my thoughts this morning

Jer and I just started a diet. Buh-bye, happiness.

Taylor’s at BYU for the state science fair today. He gets to skip school and hang out with his dad all day—not bad.

Yesterday I had Grace and Jes at Primary Children’s. Graci had an ECHO, chest x-ray and EKG. Things look mostly the same. Her cardiologist has told us to go ahead with her spinal cord surgery on her back. He’s been hesitant before, and still was, but thought it was the best decision. We’re still trying to decide how we feel about it. Jesi was in for blood work. Poor girl was so scared, but she did great. When she was done, we walked across the hospital to the cafeteria to get some lunch. She seemed great and was holding her tray, waiting for her food. All of a sudden, I looked over and saw her crouching toward the ground. I told her to stand up, and she looked up at me, white as a ghost. I realized what was happening and immediately put all the trays down and told her to put her head between her knees. She looked up again, and her eyes began to roll back. Now, on the bright side, if you’re going to pass out, a hospital is a good place to do it! A doctor immediately came over and barked at someone to get her orange juice. I guess her blood sugar had really dipped from getting her blood taken right before lunch. Within 10 minutes or so, and with several sips of juice, she was fine again. I was so grateful to have so many doctors around making sure she was ok. She told me that her neck and head had felt all tingly and that she couldn’t see me for a couple of seconds. I felt AWFUL for not having fed her all morning right before blood work. However, a corn dog, fries, giant pickle, and Swedish fish erased all sadness/sickness. (I know, not a healthy lunch—but at that point I was willing to let her eat anything she wanted.)

Baseball is starting this week. I’m trying to cope with the loss of any free time we’ve currently been enjoying.

Speaking of sports, our family is LOVING March Madness and that our favorite team and alma mater has finally made it to the Sweet Sixteen. Go cougs!

If you like key lime pie, you really should try Extra’s key lime pie gum. It’s soooo good!

Sophi still has my heart.

Xander’s birthday party is this Saturday. We finally got invitations out last night, but I have yet to plan the party. Any fun ideas for superhero party games? I’ll likely end up googling the night before and copying everyone else’s cute ideas.

We just got a 30% off coupon at Kohls. Trying to talk myself out of a shopping trip.

Our flowers began to bloom the other day, followed by snow the day after.

My neighbors/friends have been such a blessing in my life. They are spoiling me. I cannot even express how grateful I have been for their love and service. It’s almost embarrassing, all the help I’ve been given—and am still being given. They have taught me so much about Christlike love.

Elli, Elli, Elli…

Last night after the littles were in bed, I had G, T, and P climb in bed with me and told them it was time they learned about the “Brady Bunch.” We watched the first episode together on the computer. I think I have them hooked. (:

Jer and I still frequent our “Happy Place,” meaning the area that we would like to build on someday. We always go to “our lot” (which we don’t own) and visit “our house” (which we don’t own either.) “Our house” has been under construction for several months, and we always go and trespass and see how it’s coming along. It has this awesome, open floor plan and all kinds of space. We’ve assigned all the bedrooms out and everything. (: The best part about these outings is that they are free, they are close to home, they are a bit of an emotional escape for us, and best of all, we are totally happy coming back to our own cute home. Meaning, the outings don’t make us at all unhappy with what we have but are rather a fun way to spend time together and dream. (: I’m not sure what we’re going to do when “our house” is finished and people are actually living there. Guess we’ll have to pick a new one!

My stomach just growled. It hasn’t done that in a long time. I remember hearing that the sound of your stomach growling was the sound of all these little fat molecules evaporating. Sounds good to me.

Today is the first day in over two weeks that I didn’t wake up with a sore throat. Hallelujah.

I really should go and attend to my kiddos. Ready, set, stand up!