Saturday, December 4, 2010

10 AM Sunday morning

OK. We're starting to get accustomed to the time change. Yesterday was a great day with Graci's China family. It is so sweet to see just how much they love Graci. Their faces lit up when they saw her at the airport. They are so attentive to her (and our) needs. They are so generous, constantly giving us gifts and providing all of our meals and lodging. China Mama made more of the beautiful hand-knit sweaters for Graci and Jesi.

In March of 2011, Graci's China brother is getting married to a beautiful girl named Ting Ting. Jesi absolutely loves Ting Ting, and is her constant little shadow while she's here. We saw their "pre-wedding" pictures. These were hands down the best wedding pics we've ever seen. For about $350.00 US, you get a full day photo shoot with 10 different outfits, professional make up and hair, and then they put together a professional, photo shopped portfolio in 3 separate books that make you look like professional models. Christi and I want to come back just to do a photo shoot someday.

We were able to visit both sets of Graci's grandparents and lots of aunts and uncles. This was the first time we had met several of them. Their joy at seeing their little "Ling Ling" again was very apparent.

Last night at about 8 pm, their family was still going strong but the 5 of us were about loopy from exhaustion. We finally said we had to get back to the hotel, and we were all asleep in minutes once we got there. Had a long sleep last night, and now we're feeling a lot better!

So far, I have only had time to post from my phone. Tomorrow we should have time to get the computer going and add some pics!