Sunday, March 15, 2015

Our Star!

Taylor always gets out of Sunday dinner clean-up by baking the bread/rolls.  Tonight, Parker asked if he could get out of it too by playing us a song.  Parker is usually so, so shy about playing/singing, so we jumped at the chance--telling him it was a deal if he let us record and share.  I can't believe he said yes!!!  We're proud of you, Park:)


PS.  Loved the way Graci spontaneously went to share the experience with sweet Lexi.  Grace is an AMAZING big sister!!!

Special Kids

Christi and I were asked to speak for a missionary preparation class today.  We shared a message about how working through challenging times can help us grow and develop spiritually.  As part of the presentation we showed this video that Christi put together.  We've posted a version of this before, but this has been updated: