Thursday, December 30, 2010

Problem semi-solved.

It's amazing how one little phone call from the guy you love, asking if you'd like to meet for dinner instead of cooking, can make the world seem so much brighter.

Our first "date" in several weeks. (:

Now to get out of these pj's I've been in all day...


It's simple, really...

I need an Alice.

(Think, "The Brady Bunch")

You know, someone who would just shop, cook, clean, launder, and basically spread sunshine.

Leaving me time to play, play, play with the kids, complete all of those wonderful science fair projects, read storybooks, build Legos, teach Braille, fix hair-- you know, the FUN parts.

I'm pretty sure that would solve my problem of bursting into tears before 8:00 a.m. (You know something needs to change in your life when that happens.)

Yes, an Alice would do nicely.

Is that too much to ask?