Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

37 Reasons Why I Love Jeremy:

1. He loves the Lord
2. He takes one of our children on a “Daddy Date” once a week
3. He sends me flowers
4. He isn’t a picky eater and will be just as grateful for grilled cheese sandwiches as a steak dinner
5. He loves Disneyworld more than the kids!
6. He dresses up like Johnny Appleseed (complete with a beard and a pot on his head) and visits our kindergartner’s class in the fall. He sings the Johnny Appleseed song, gives out apple suckers, and mesmerizes the children! Jessica just had his visit this week, and she was so so excited!
7. He dresses up like “Zero the Hero” (complete with mask, cape, and spanish accent) and visits our kindergartner’s class in the spring on the 100th day of school. He hands out doughnut holes, holds all kinds of “100” contests, and mesmerizes the kids even more!
8. He has by far the most handsome, perfect hands I've ever seen. And I LOVE holding them!
9. He watches “I Love Lucy” with me, and loves it just as much as I do!
10. He also watches “chick flicks” with me and is even known to cry more than me
11. Lest I totally embarrass him, he also watches action/adventure movies! I love how excited he can get over a show!
12. He performs “Great Balls of Fire” (piano and vocal) as well as anyone in the world
13. He doesn’t yell at the kids
14. He leads our family each morning and night in family prayer
15. He also leads us in couple prayer twice a day—and never leaves for work without praying with me
16. He is very very generous with our finances
17. He assures me every year that the kids do NOT need lots of presents for Christmas, and then completely changes his mind as soon as Black Friday comes around, and shops like crazy for them!
18. He is the perfect cuddler
19. And kisser
20. In my entire life, I have yet to mow a lawn. (I guess I should also thank my dad for that)!
21. He loves hiking and the outdoors
22. His idea of a “guys night out” is taking his boys and going camping!
23. He has a huge heart for orphans
24. He is the world’s best apologizer (and no, it is not because he’s had lots of practice)
25. He loves sports (I don’t know what I would have done if I had married someone who didn’t like to watch college football)
26. He gently reminds me when I need to be more patient with the kids
27. What other Dad in the world would take FIVE children on a seven day road trip so his wife could have a break?!!
28. He always, always smells good. Even in the morning—I love his smell!
29. He loves to take me home to Ferron
30. He coaches our kids in sports
31. He stays up late playing board games with me.
32. He gives perfect foot rubs
33. He will often send me off to take a hot bath when he can tell I need it
34. He gets me
35. He makes me feel beautiful
36. He is, as I’m typing this, putting in a new tile floor for me—YAY!
37. He is my very, very best friend. Ever.

I will note that I didn't have to even pause and think as I wrote these-- and I could write a thousand more. Happy 37th, hon! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, funny, sweet, talented, loving husband and father for my kids. I love you, Jer! I hope this coming year is your best ever!!!!

PS Happy Birthday, Jen!! Wish you lived closer so we could celebrate!!