Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A child's prayer

I've recently decided I needed to start recording Sophi's sweet prayers because they just make my heart so happy.  Here is her prayer from tonight:

"Dear Heavenly Father, please bless my dear little dog, Molly, that she will have a really good sleep.  And bless her to not bite people or jump on them or do any bad thing.  And bless my two sisters, Elli and Lexi, that they can see again.  And bless my brother, Conner, that he can see.  And bless my sister, Cali, that she can walk.  And bless me, that my eczema will go away and I will have skin that doesn't itch.  And bless us all that we can love Molly and we can be gentle with her and not be mean to her even when she does bad things.  And bless anybody that passed away that they can be happy in heaven.  And bless us that we will be nice every day and choose the right and obey and read our scriptures and go to church all the time.  And bless that when we are in church we will sing the songs the right way and not the wrong way.  And bless that when we are in kindergarten that we will say the pledge of allegiance the right way and not the wrong way.  And bless us not to be silly and to be respectful to our state.  And bless that we will be good to each other and not kick or hit or whack and that we can just all love each other and when we do bad things that we can say sorry and we can forgive each other.  And bless my friend, Claire, that she can know that it's ok sometimes when we have to go through the office door instead of the kindergarten door.  And bless her to be my best friend.  And bless that we will just all love each other and not hate anybody but just love everybody.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

I'm so lucky to be your mommy, sweet Sophi!

(and yes-- more about Molly in a post to come!)