Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Had we not said "Yes"

Six years ago today, I wrote an email to CCAI (Chinese Children Adoption Intl.) asking if I could get some more information about this girl:  

We had seen her photo on the waiting child list and it had captured our hearts.  However, we were already in the process of adopting this adorable girl:

Could we possibly adopt two at once?  And two with such great needs? It seemed completely crazy and overwhelming when we considered the logistics of it all-- the timing, the finances, the attention they would both need, in addition to our six other children...   The next few weeks were full of fasting and prayer and lots of lots of questions.  As always, our number one question was how another adoption would affect the children already in our home.  After we were able to get peace about that question, we worried about whether adopting two children at the same time would make it difficult for them to adjust and bond to us, being as they would have to share the focus and attention that would typically be all their own.  

Looking back, it's both funny and terrifying that we almost let that get in the way of adopting both.  Lexi and Sophi were always meant to be sisters.  They have a bond that I can't quite find the words to describe except to say that it's beautiful.    They adore each other, they protect each other, they help each other, they fiercely love each other.  Yesterday as we were getting into the van, I asked Lexi if she could get Sophi's seatbelt on.  Sophi replied with, "We are doing it together, cause we are a team."  I said I was glad that they made such a good team, and Sophi replied, "Do you wanna know why we are a good team?  Cause we're best friends!  Cause we love each other so much."  

One of my favorite things in the world is just to observe these two playing together and talking together.  With one set of arms and one set of eyes, they can accomplish anything they want.  Their creativity is unmatched.  Their courage and optimism give me strength.  And their endless giggles fill our house with so much JOY.

It took us three weeks after receiving Sophi's file to find the courage to say "yes," much longer than any of our other adopted children.  I cannot fathom how different life would be for our family and for both Sophi and Lexi had we let our fears and worries guide our decision.  How grateful I am for a Father in Heaven who spoke peace to our hearts about bringing her into our family.  Only He knew what a tremendous blessing it would be and how Sophi would fill our hearts in a way that nobody else could.  And how grateful I am for a husband who falls in love so easily with these precious children of God who are without families!  He is the most amazing man I could ask for.  

Thinking of life without Sophi is suffocating.   But it's a good reminder to us to base our decisions off of prayer, not off of our own thoughts and fears.

Sophi and Lexi, you were a match made in heaven.  I am quite confident that I can LITERALLY say that.  Our family is 1,000 times better because of you!  

We love you with everything in us!

Always laughing
Lexi's bday breakfast in bed at grandma's 
Rockstar day at school.

An example of their cute interactions.  This is Lexi receiving a package from her sweet friend, Amy.