Friday, August 22, 2014

Feeling Loved

As many of you know, we have been incredibly blessed with the most wonderful laundry fairies.  This fantastic couple does so much more than wash our clothes.  They make us feel so loved in so many ways and with so many acts of kindness.

In spite of the many times they have told us they are glad to help, we sometimes feel a bit sheepish as we drop four large baskets of laundry at their home twice a week.  They always greet us with huge smiles and actually thank us for the opportunity to serve, but it truly amazes us that for over two years they have been such a HUGE help and have sacrificed so much of their time for our family.  The last couple of weeks have been super crazy and we missed two consecutive laundry dates.  Yesterday morning I took over four very full baskets.  They weren't home at the time, so as usual I left them on the front porch.  I kind of wondered if after a week without doing our laundry, maybe they realized what a lot of work it was and maybe they'd be really happy if we just quit bringing it over.  Instead, we got this text from Candice later in the day:

"I was happy to see laundry when I pulled in.  I thought we broke up and nobody told me.  Russ and I are in need of blessings.  We love you guys.  Xoxox"

What an amazing example of Christlike love and putting that love in action through service.  We love you guys, too!  Thank you so much:)

-Jer and Christi