Wednesday, November 21, 2012


It's after 11 p.m.  I just got back from a last minute run to the store.  I don't think a Thanksgiving goes by that one of us doesn't have to do one of those Wednesday night runs.  I always enjoy this particular shopping trip.  I can look around at all of the people at the store and feel a certain kinship with them.  In my mind, they are either very busy, a little forgetful, not super organized, or just laid back about holiday plans.  Because I'm a combination of all of these things, it makes me happy to be around others that I feel I can relate to-- even if it's just in my head and their lives are totally perfect and under control!   (:

Speaking of being busy and unorganized--   The house is a mess.  I've spent most of the day at the computer trying to come up with airfare prices that just aren't going to happen!  When I spend so much time at the computer, the house seems to fall apart.  Today, Xander made about 5 batches each of popcorn and homemade lemonade.  The evidence is all over the house.  Lexi and Sophi played with virtually every toy they could find.  Elli made Elli messes.  Graci and Jesi played dress up and make-believe most of the day long.  The kids helped themselves to breakfast and lunch and snacks. Jeremy's in the kitchen trying to make pumpkin pies with the boys without any clean counter space.   Yeah... the house isn't looking too hot!  And I don't even have tickets to show for it because I can't get myself to pay the prices I'm being quoted.

Speaking of expensive tickets-- our adoption dates have changed!  It's a super long story-- suffice it to say, these new dates will be better for Cali, and she's the most important.  We will be leaving in two weeks from today instead of one.  Now that I've had a day to wrap my head around the changes, I am excited for the extra time to prepare. I am SOOOOOOO excited to go to China!   For some reason it became very real for me today!  I am just giddy thinking about this trip and how much I love our Cali.  I know we are in for a big rollercoaster ride of ups and downs and twists and turns-- and I'm so excited to ride it!!!

Speaking of adoption-- there is an article in the Deseret News right now about our family and the WONDERFUL, AMAZING people who are trying to help us build a new home.  Despite the very unflattering picture of me, (seriously, I look pregnant) I am so excited for this article and its potential to really spread the word.  We've had some fabulous, selfless people step forward and offer enormous amounts of time and services, but the fundraising end still really needs some help.  So thank you, Deseret News!!! (And THANK YOU anyone who happens to be reading this and has donated-- you haven't gone unnoticed-- we are so humbled by your support.)  Even more than helping Puzzle Them Home, I hope the article is a way to open people's hearts to these beautiful children who need homes.

Speaking of children who need homes-- for the record, the section in the article where it says that we adopt "the children nobody else wants" was not my choice of words.  I understand what she was trying to say-- that we do tend to adopt the harder-to-place children and have in fact been matched with some of these kids right as their files were being sent back to China-- but the wording didn't quite come across right.  We know that there are many, many people out there who would give anything to adopt beautiful children like ours regardless of any special needs, but cannot for various good reasons.  My heart goes out to people who yearn for a child and have roadblocks in their way.

Speaking or roadblocks-- my brain has just stopped working.  I think it's time to sign off!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I am so thankful for this beautiful, messy life that is mine!  And I am so thankful for friends and family like you-- love you all!