Friday, August 8, 2014

Quick Fix

The last couple of months I have been using youTube more frequently as I have been posting videos to our blog.  Every time I would pull up the youTube home page it would have multiple thumbnails of videos that could be watched.  Until today, these would be filled with "most popular" or "trending now" types of options.  The images on these thumbnails were often not very uplifting or even downright inappropriate.  These thumbnails also offered the option to "subscribe" to this channel or that.  I suddenly had a thought.  I searched for the "Mormon Messages" channel, found it, and subscribed to it.

When I went back to youTube's home page, suddenly the thumbnails were all inspiring and uplifting.  Messages about Christ and His gospel.  What a wonderful change effected with one quick click of the mouse:)


Conversation with Jessica

A year ago on our trip to Island Park, Jessica apparently recorded this covert video.  I thought it was cute:)