Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fun conversations...

I drove Conner, Lexi and Sophi home from the basketball game last night.  In those 6-7 minutes Conner's cuteness made me smile over and over.

Sophi:  Mom, why can Conner have another piece of pizza when we get home and I have to go to bed?

Me:  Because Conner is older and doesn't need as much sleep as you do.

Conner:  Sophi!  You don't want to eat right before bed because you are a girl and you will get fat!  Me, I want to get fat.  It is my wish.

Me:  Your wish is to get fat?

Conner:  (very sincerely) Yes!  To get fat and get a girlfriend!


Conner:  I very like Skylee.  She is so cute.  I very want to have a daughter like her.  I want lots of daughters because girls are very good.

Sophi:  I want sons and daughters.

Lexi:  Me too.

Sophi:  I want 18 kids.

Conner:  18!!!!!  That is too many!!   That is too hard to take care of.  You should have maybe 10 or less.  I want to have maybe four.

Lexi:  I want 8 kids!

Me:  I want 10 kids!  Wait, I have 10 kids!!  I got my wish!!!  (lots of giggles) But did you know that when Dad and I were dating, I didn't want 10 kids?  He wanted 8 and I said maybe that was too many.  
So we kind of fought about it.  (Backpedaling...) Well, not really fought about it.  Just argued about it.  (Backpedaling again) I mean talked about it.  It wasn't a fight.

Conner:  Yes, Sophi, like when someone thinks one thing is right and another person thinks they are right and you just talk about it.

Me:  Yes, Dad and I don't fight.  We disagree sometimes.  But we don't yell at each other.

Conner:  (in earnest admiration) Yes!  You are right.  I never hear you fight.  Dad is a very good man.  Crazy, but very good.

Ha!  I love those cute kids of mine....