Monday, January 21, 2013

That's Exactly What I Meant!

Christi had taken Cali to the doctor for a routine visit.  I was rushing around trying to get on the road to work.  Taylor calls out, "Dad, Elli has a nasty diaper you need to take care of!"  OK, I can deal with this.  Not too unusual.  I get to work, being bombarded with intermittent requests from various small people who need Dad's services.  In the midst of all of this, Xander comes up to me and asks, "Dad, can we have a party?  Like with food and games and stuff?" 
Not exactly prepared to deal with such a concept right now, I reply "You'll have to ask Mom when she gets back."  Undeterred, he tries again: "But can we, Dad? It'd be fun!"  Ever the realist, I decide not to pass the buck to Christi.  "You know Xander, that's just probably not going to happen today."  Pause...Pause...I'm totally focused on the diaper change at this point...Pause..."So does that mean yes?"
In what universe...?
:)  Jer