Friday, May 12, 2017

Watch out world!

We now have FOUR teenage drivers!!!

Way to go, Graci.  It's not easy to pass the 50-question driver's test in your second language:)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


We have SO much to blog.  A couple of amazing trips filled the last five weeks with tons of fun and sun.  I'll get to more details on the trips another day, but today I wanted to share a couple of Sophi quotes.

While Christi and I were gone last week, my amazing sister Jennifer came and took care of our kids.  Yes, all 10 of them.  Yes, all by herself.  Yes, she was still alive when we returned after an 8-day trip! Over the last year or so, Jen has made a major lifestyle change.  She committed herself to following the Whole 30 eating plan and has lost over 100 pounds.  Way to go!  Being fully committed to Whole 30, she did not eat the same meals that she made for the kids.  

The night before she was going to return home, Jennifer was preparing a salad for the plane the next day.  Sophi came up to her and asked: "How can you eat so healthy?"

Jen: "It's my only choice 'cuz I don't want to be a big fat cow."

Sophi: "Well, that's a good choice.  My dad's a medium size cow."

Never one to mince words!  

Another time, Jen was driving the kids home from Xander's soccer game and Lexi and Sophi were discussing (don't fall over from shock) Harry Potter. Lexi said how awesome J.K. Rowling is. She said, "Did you know J.K.'s name is JoAnn? And her friends call her Jo."

Sophi immediately piped up, "Hey, Jo! 'Sup?" 

That struck Jen as so hilarious coming out of Sophi and she couldn't stop laughing. And for the rest of the day she'd randomly say to Sophi and Lexi, "Hey, Jo! 'Sup?" And they would all dissolve in giggles.

When did our cute little baby Sophi grow old enough to use teenage vernacular?  

The time really does go fast.  Sophia is so precious.  We are tremendously lucky to have her in our lives!  And another HUGE thanks to Jen for holding down the fort while we were gone:).