Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Birthday Girls!

Graci and Jesi had important birthdays last week.  Graci turned 18 and Jessica joined the ranks of the teenagers in our family (6 teens for now!!!).  They both got breakfast in bead and had some time with mom and dad.  On Graci's birthday (Aug. 4), they got to go see The BFG along with Xander and Cali.  On Jesi's birthday, Christi and I took the two of them to Thanksgiving Point to walk through the unbelievable beautiful gardens and have lunch.  Jessica wrapped up Saturday night with a birthday party.  (Way to go, Christi!  You're always so great at putting these together.)

These two girls are so fantastic!  Graci is such an amazing young woman with a beautiful testimony of the Gospel and love for her Savior.  She is a tremendous example to all of us as she strives to choose the right and is constantly serving her family.  Graci is patient and obedient.  She works hard in school and has received several academic awards, including an award for being "Courageous."  She looks after her younger siblings, sometimes when she's asked to and often even when she's not.  Christi and I don't know what we're going to do when our Grace graduates high school and begins to spread her wings.  Love you, Graci!!!

Jessica has had me wrapped around her little finger since she was an infant.  She is so fun to be with.  Her shy smile can sometimes be challenging to tease out of her, but it lights up a room when it comes.  She is a good student, conscientious in her work and striving to do her best.  She loves the young women program at church and has many good friends there.  Jesi makes really deep friendships.  One of her very best friends moved across the country a couple of years ago, and Jesi flew all by herself to Detroit last month to visit her!  For years we've kind of divided our kids into the "bigs" (Taylor, Parker, Graci, Cali, Conner) and the "littles" (Xander, Lexi, Elli and Sophi).  Being right in the middle, Jesi has the luxury of slipping into either group, depending on who is going to have the most fun that day:).  We're so excited to see Jesi growing up and blossoming into such a lovely young woman.  Love you, Jessica!!!