Friday, August 22, 2008

Late night ramblings...

A couple of weeks ago, Graci went in for a heart cath to see how everything was coming along. The doctors were very pleased with what they saw and decided she is ready for her second open heart surgery. The scheduling department finally contacted us yesterday and gave us the big date-- September 18. We are of course nervous, but excited to get it done. If all goes as hoped for with this surgery, Graci will be home free for eight years, at which point they will have to replace her valves. So, as you can imagine, it will be a huge weight off of our shoulders to get through this next surgery!!! We are of course grateful for any prayers in her behalf. She is very scared and keeps asking me questions about it. I can't really play it down at all, because she's been through it before and knows how awful it is. She is especially dreading having the ventilator in her throat and not being able to drink. That was miserable for her last time-- and for us (I think I cried about it as much as she did). UGH.

This week has been crazy. All of the kids have had their school assessments (they will be in three different schools), Elli had her preschool open house, we've had two Lagoon trips, we've had a family dinner/outing with Jeremy's workforce, I've gone to Education Week at BYU (I went to classes all day on Monday)... the list goes on. Even as I am typing this, Jeremy is on a plane to San Diego. Yesterday, his best friend (former mission companion and roommate) called him with the news that he was getting married on Saturday. As in, two days from the time he was calling. He and his girlfriend have been dating off and on for 7 years and had decided to get married a few months ago, but were having a hard time with scheduling it. Apparently, they decided this week that Saturday was the day!! It seems a little anti-climatic after dating such a long time-- you would think that by now a huge, lavish wedding would have been planned. But who am I to talk???? As most of you know, Jer and I called off our "first wedding" just hours before the ceremony was to take place. So we know something about the ups and downs and perils of engagement. (: Oh how happy I am to be out of that phase of my life!!!! It feels so amazing to be secure in that decision and to know that whatever else happens, I will be spending the rest of my life with Jeremy. He really is my match made in heaven.

I don't know if I have posted about this before, but Jeremy began the most wonderful tradition for our family when the boys were just toddlers-- "Daddy Dates." One day of the week, he takes one of the kids on an individual date. It could be something fancy, or just a trip to the park. This year, he decided to share the joys of these dates with me by letting me have "Mommy Dates" as well. I cannot tell you what a wonderful thing this has been for our family. Every fifth week, each of the kids get to go on a date with Mommy or Daddy, and they look forward to it with great anticipation. Well, Jeremy just got through his last rounds of daddy dates and it was my turn. We bought Lagoon season passports this year, and so of course all of the kids wanted to do that for their dates. This was the last week that Lagoon would be open for the summer, so I went on two dates-- Tuesday with Taylor and yesterday with Parker. To be truthful, I wasn't as excited as I should have been. We've already been to Lagoon as a family, I've been with Jeremy, and he has taken each of the kids there individually on their daddy dates (during which I was in charge of the remaining four kids). I felt "Lagooned out." But I had sooooo much fun with my boys this week!!! The weather was perfect, and the lines were short. We had a blast. The best part, however, was the ride to and from Lagoon-- where we had some great conversations. It is so much fun to get into their sweet little heads. I would repeat all of the cute things they said, but I guess they probably wouldn't want me to. I will tell you of one short conversation with Parker.

Mom: "So are the kids at your school mostly nice kids? Do you hear a lot of bad things at school?"

Parker: "Well, there are a few kids that say those two really bad words."

Mom: "Oh yeah? What words?"

Parker (as serious as can be): "Shut up."

Oh that those could be the worst words he ever hears at school!!!! I love how innocent my kids are. I wish I could protect their sweet little minds and hearts forever.

Well the hour is late, and the kids get up early! What I would give for an extra few hours of nighttime!