Monday, September 12, 2011

Funny, Sweet Kids

Graci picks up some interesting expressions. She often says the word, "Curses!" Tonight we were playing a card game called "Set." (It's a cerebral game which is great for older kids and adults.) I got a point that Graci thought she was going to get. She exlaims: "Curses you! No offense, but Curses You!" No offense taken Grace.

Tonight we cooked out. After we were done with our hotdogs, we cooked s'mores over the grill. Christi says: "Lexi, do you want a s'more?" "No." "Lexi, a s'more is a marshmallow with chocolate." Huge grin: "SURE!"

I love listening to my kids say their prayers. They are so innocent and sweet. Apparently Jesi has recently learned the word, "ability." She went through each of our children in her prayer last night. "Please bless that Elli will have the abilibity to see someday. And please bless that Sophi will have the abilibity to have arms someday in heaven. And please bless that Graci will have the abilibity to have a healthy heart.... You get the idea. She is very sweet. I hope that I can have the abilibity to have the faith of a child.