Monday, March 9, 2015

The Princess

A few weeks ago I was at church.  I was talking with a sweet couple that lives up the street from us.  They have three young children of their own.  The mom shared something that brought tears to my eyes.  Their oldest child, a girl about three or four years old, says the cutest thing every time she sees Elli at church:  "There's the Princess!"

I was confused as to why the little girl would think that Elli was a princess.  The mother explained.  Every time this little girl saw Elli, Elli was in a dress, twirling in circles.  Of course she's a princess!  Who else would constantly perform pirouettes?

I was grateful for this little girl's ability to see beyond a lack of sight.  To see beyond loud screeches and pop songs sung during the sacrament.  This little girl saw the princess inside of Elli.  And what a princess she is!