Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sophi!

Our little Sophi bear turned three on Sunday. I can't stand how fast she is growing up! She was treated to breakfast in bed (oatmeal, yogurt, and chocolate milk), small gifts from all the kids, and lots and lots of “Happy Birthday” songs. Of course, she LOVED all the attention.

As I think back on the story of Sophi, and the great leap of faith it took to pursue her adoption while already in the process of adopting Lexi, my heart is filled with gratitude. I am so grateful for the promptings of the Spirit that led us say “yes” to this little girl. We cannot imagine our lives without this precious daughter of God, and we are so humbled that she is ours.

A few things about Sophi:

She knows how to use the potty, and if we take her often enough, will stay dry. However she is terrified of wearing underwear, so I think it will be awhile before potty training is complete. Sophi isn’t picky, but especially loves fruit, sweets, and yogurt. She loves playing with her baby dolls. She is very particular about her bedtime routine. She needs both Minnies, both babies, her blanket, a sippy cup with ice water, and Aquaphor on her legs (for her eczema). You have to sing her “Jingle Bells” while dancing the two Minnies to the beat. (I think it’s her favorite song because we adopted her at Christmastime, so it was the first song she learned.) She says her prayers by herself. Then she wants a “poof story.” Which is basically a made-up story with lots of “poofs” in the middle, where crazy or funny things happen or someone unexpected shows up. I think we learned this from the Merediths. (: Sophi is starting to talk so much more, putting together short sentences and communicating most of her needs. She loves to go places, and starts begging to go as soon as she hears keys. She is a pro at whining, but is usually good to change her ways with a little reminder to talk nicely. She is amazing at figuring out ways to accomplish what she wants. For instance, she might put a wrapper in her mouth and walk to the garbage to spit it out. She is getting so adept at walking, but will sometimes take a spill, and it’s heartbreaking to watch her, because she can’t catch herself like most of us can. She sprained her weak ankle last Thursday and so is mostly scooting right now. ): Sophi started preschool today. She will go two days a week for two hours. It’s an early intervention preschool that is just fabulous, but I must say it was so tough to walk away to her screams! I am praying she will adjust quickly and that it will be a wonderful experience for her. (And that I can get a bit more organzized!) Sophi has a new "smile" where she scrunches up her nose and squints her eyes anytime there's a camera around. She is so loved by her brothers and sisters and they take such good care of her. Her nicknames are Soph, Sophs, Sophi Bre, and Butterfly.

Happy Birthday, Sophia Breanne!

I was at the store buying stuff to make a cake, and when I went to get the ice cream, saw these premade Pepperidge Farm cakes on sale "buy one get one free." They looked so yummy, so I put the other stuff back and got them instead. While it was nice to not have to bake, these are not as tasty as you would think for Pepperidge Farm. (:

The kids were babysitting Soph while Jer and I were busy, and this is how we found her on the couch.