Sunday, July 18, 2010

We love you, Make-a-Wish!


First of all, we have received our itinerary for Graci's Disney Cruise!! We will be leaving on Aug 12 and are beyond excited!! Update: We will be having a sendoff party for Graci on Aug 2 at 6:30 in our backyard. We'll grill some hot dogs and have fun playing and celebrating her wish. If you'd like to join us, let us know so we can make plans!! After the cruise is over Make-a-Wish will also host a "Star Raising Party" for Graci. It will be held at the Wishing Place in Murray. If you are able to only come to ONE of the events, the "Star Raising Party" is the one to come to!! She will get to raise her own star that will forever hang in the Wishing Place, along with the stars of all the other wish kids. It's a very special event, and we hope to have lots of friends and family there! We're not sure on dates yet, but it will likely be at the end of August or in September. So keep that in mind...

Also, Make-a-Wish is hosting their annual Rubber Ducky Derby on Aug 21. This is one of their biggest fundraisers. We feel so appreciative of the way that they have brought magic into our home, and we would love to give back. So Graci has opened a page where you can buy a rubber ducky for $5.00 in her name. The duckies will be raced at an aquatic center, and the winning ducky will receive $15,000 toward a new vehicle at a local car dealership. So if you would like to support Make-a-Wish, you can click HERE and buy a ducky in Graci's name. Thanks!

Graci's health remains the same. Most people do not even realize her condition is so serious, because she looks and acts so normal. She continues to wear oxygen when she is at home, but at this point doesn't have to wear it away from home. We'll be visiting the cardiologist soon and will for sure give you an update. We love her so much. Sometimes she gets so discouraged about having to wear oxygen, and the special attention she is getting from Make-a-Wish has been exactly what she needs. We are so grateful!