Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Elli Travels Well!

Every summer we try to get together with my extended family for a reunion. For many years we did this at a beach house on the Oregon coast. We drove up from Spanish Fork when we lived there. Once we moved to Tennessee, we flew out each summer. My parents and some of my siblings would come with us each year. Our kids love it and look forward to it. The last couple of years we haven’t been to the coast, and they have missed it. This summer we made plans to drive up to Lincoln City, Oregon. The kids have been extremely excited. Graci and Xander have never been to an ocean before.

The drive from Utah to Oregon is about 13 hours. We decided that in conjunction with this trip, we could also get some deep cleaning done at our home. I would drive the kids up by myself, and Christi would fly up two days later. In the meantime, she would stay at home and clean, clean, CLEAN! So that’s what we did. I drove up with the kids, stayed one day in Boise, ID with my best friend growing up, and then met Christi in Oregon about 48 hours after I left her.

The kids and I actually had a great trip. We prayed that Elli would be particularly happy as we drove. Usually she has a difficult time when Christi isn’t around. She also sleeps in her own room wherever we go. The two nights we spent with Mikkel and his family, Elli wasn’t able to have her own room. Instead, they put a mattress next to the air mattress I was sleeping on. This was in the living room. I was quite nervous that Elli would get up and wander and pull things down, etc. Instead, prayers were answered and Elli was a little angel during the entire trip. She was quiet and happy during the drive. When I put her to bed, she stayed on her mattress until she fell asleep. And she slept soundly through the night (with one small exception).

So prayers were answered and tender mercies were bestowed. We are having a great trip and are still here in Lincoln City. We’ll be home soon and will post with pictures!